Early Walkers

Early Walkers

Nature will set the time for children to walk independently Early walkers encourage joints to take load earlier than nature intended and and lower limb to move in an unnatural walking pattern. They also make it more difficult for a child to develop proprioception or feel for the ground. Studies suggest that use of early walkers can be associated with delayed normal walking and other activities such as standing and walking. At Giggle shoes childrens shoes we suggest that the use of early walkers be avoided and as such we do not carry them. We do however recommend the use os silicone grip sox.

Early Walkers

When Should A Child Get Their First Shoes

We are often asked “when should a child should be put in their first pair of shoes” the answer is at around 6 weeks after they start walking,at Giggle Shoes we are more than happy to advise whether we feel  it is the right time for a child to be put in their first pair of shoes.

Early Walkers

Foot Development

It is important that parents be aware that a childs foot is not simply a smaller version of their own. At birth the 26 bones that will eventually form to create an adults foot are predominately cartilage this makes them mold able like plasticine and as such are easily damaged.

To assist you child’s foot to develop in a natural way without being distorted always keep bedclothes loose so as not to cause restrictions and encourage your child to kick as this will encourage development of leg and foot muscles.

Some other recommendations are not to force your child to walk prematurely the use of walking frames to encourage this should be avoided. Allow your child to walk barefoot for some of the time when they first walk and avoid shoes that claim to mimic this.

Once ready for a childs first shoes always purchase them from a reputable childrens shoe shop where they will be fitted properly. Always check your childs feet, bathtime is a great time to do this check for any signs that a shoe may be too tight and if not sure consult a Podiatrist.

A child only has one pair of feet make sure you take good care of them.

early walkers

Grip Sox are better than Early Walkers

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