Growing Feet

Growing Feet

Childrens feet are constantly growing and as such they should be regularly checked to ensure that their shoe fitting is still optimal. At Giggle Shoes as Podiatrists we know how important growing feet are  we recommend that you have your childrens shoes size checked every 4 to 6 months and we do not charge for this service. Some parents complain how little wear they get out of a child’s shoe before they outgrow it. We are amazed how many parents will disregard the fact that a child has outgrown the shoe simply because they think that they should get more time out of the shoe. When you think about this it is really silly a child if correctly fitted they will go through several pairs of shoes. Keeping them in the wrong size shoe or buying cheap shoes because “they grow” is just stupid.

Growing Feet

Must be Checked Regularly

Parents must ensure that a childs foot is correctly fitted as their foot grows, failure to do this can over time result in serious foot problems such as toe clawing, it is amazing how many children we see with supposed “walking problems” and by simply fitting them in good supportive footwear the problem vanishes.

growing feet

Growing Feet X-Rays

Growing Feet


Xray shows the development of bones in a child’s foot we can see at 6 months they are predominately composed of cartilage this is why growing feet are so important and why correctly fitted shoes for growing feet are so important.


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