Shoe Fitting

Shoe Fitting

Kim and Greg have been Podiatrists for over 22 years each over the years we have been confronted by many childrens shoes that have been fitted by kids shoes shops and we have found the shoe to be too big.

The tale of travelling from store to store to find any style as long as they have the size is another common problem that we hear about. Also being confronted by inexperienced, non enthusiastic and grumpy staff is all too commonly retold to me by parents.
Now that Greg too is a parent of a preschooler, he also has been confronted with the lack of expertise and enthusiasm when he went to buy his son his first pair of shoes. A childs first pair of shoes is a huge milestone and this is the beginning of an important journey of foot health.

Shoe Fitting

Wrong Size

A major proportion of foot problems that we see come from wearing the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes. The majority of these are caused by ill-fitting footwear that was worn as a child.
Most parents want nothing more than to see their child growing up to be healthy, shoes are an important part of this.

Shoe fitting courses

We attended one of these shoe fitting courses which the industry seem to think is what a shoe fitter should have to work in a shoe shop. We thought they are a total waste of time the course did not even fit one shoe on a real child. We now train our own staff and we feel they have a much better understanding of shoe fitting this way and foot mechanics.

Shoe Fitting

Our Staff fitting Childs Shoes

shoe fitting

staff proudly fitting shoes

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