Correct Fit

Correct Fit

So when you bought your child their last pair of shoes did the shop you bought them from actually measure their feet ? At Giggle Shoes Kids Shoes we will measure your child’s foot and tell you what the correct fit is. This is so important as what your child may say is comfortable in a shop might be very different when they get home. This is why accurate measuring is vital. When your child is standing there should be around 10mm from the end of their toes to the shoes end. We know children outgrow their shoes at a rapid rate and we get many parents wanting to buy shoes that are two sizes to big, this is silly and can cause problems.

Correct Fit

Of Heel

To be the correct fit the heel should be firm but not too tight or not too loose as this may also cause problems. Shoes will give a little as the leather wears but the shoe must be comfortable when purchased the expression “breaking them in” is wrong.

Childrens shoes should be fitted with laces or Velcro shoes that are simply slip on are not suitable for a child for long periods. Look for shoes with the uppers made of leather or canvas the uppers should NOT be plastic as the foot will not breathe adequately in this sort of shoe.

The sole should have a tread or pattern to prevent slipping they should be flexible so it will bend with the foot however soles that are over flexible are generally not suitable for a child.

Allow the child some input in terms of color and or style that they like after all they are the ones wearing the shoes.

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