Kids Shoes

Kids Shoes

Parents these days have seem to have forgotton how their parients took them to specialist shoe shops to have shoes fitted for them. Correctly fitted kids shoes are so important as a child’s foot is predominately composed of cartilage which is like Plasticine and is easily deformed by ill fitting shoes. Kids Shoes are sold everywhere these days and many kids shoes are made entirely of plastic these shoes are not fitted correctly and in fact are not able to be properly tightened to a child’s foot. This can result in the long flexor tendons over firing (or clawing) to keep a kids shoes on the foot.

Kids Shoes

Kids Clothes

Many parents of young children are more interested in how a child looks rather than worrying what damage a kids shoes are doing. We see famous actors children running around in high heels and plastic type shoes and then we go out and do the same. It is interesting to note many large department stores no longer employ staff that have specialist training in how to correctly fit kids shoes and in fact they simply rotate staff from one area ie ladies fashion into kids shoes as the need to have more staff in this area arises. They also more than often do not even have shoe fitting measurers in the kids shoes department, and even if they did can the staff accurately use them. Then why do we as parents go there is it price alone, wouldnt it be better to pay a small amount more to have the shoes correctly fitted by someone who has been trained correctly.

Giggle Shoes

Kids Shoes

At Giggle Shoes as Podiatrists we take pride and teach staff how to correctly fit kids shoes. We check new staff’s fitting for several months before we “let them loose” on the General Public. We believe that this is so important when dealing with your child’s growing feet.


kids shoes

Giggle Shoes Kids Shoes

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