Back to School Shoes

Back to School Shoes

Back to School Shoes are very important in fact they are probably the most important shoe you can buy for a child. Think about how many hours that they wear these shoes during the semester and you will quickly realize that back to school shoes are really important,  back to school shoes must fit well and function well. It is so important that these shoes are correctly fitted not just purchased off a supermarket shelf. We understand that when returning to school the cost of back to school shoes can be a major issue as a parent must buy uniforms books and all sort of other sundry items.

Back to School Shoes

At Giggle Shoes

At Giggle Shoes we carry most of the major brands of  back to school shoes we try to mark them up at a minimal rate. As well as the major brands we also carry other shoes which are less well known but the quality meets our standards some of these are 50% less than a major brand shoe but in our opinion are just as good.

When to buy

Back to School Shoes

We also recommend that parents purchase new school shoes in mid to late December Why ? Well a child will not grow that much over the summer holidays remember it is only 8 weeks. Remember our shoe fitters are experienced and will fit a shoe slightly large and do take into account factors such as age and probable growth spurts. When you come in at this time the staff are generally less busy so are able to devote more time and buying your new back to school shoes is less stressful. We also often have some back to school shoes specials in late December these disappear very quickly.

In most shoe shops the period of the last 14 days before schools go back is mayhem wouldn’t you prefer to buy shoes in a much more relaxed environment.

Back to School Shoes

Buy Early Guarantee

If you buy back to school shoes in late December and do not wear them try them on at home say a week before your child goes back to school if you feel your child has grown (which we feel is highly unlikely) bring the shoes back and we will check them and in the unlikely event your child has grown we will happily exchange them for a more appropriate size.

Back to School Shoes

Back To School Shoes

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