Childrens Shoes

Childrens Shoes

Welcome to the website of Giggle Shoes advanced fitting childrens shoes. Giggle Shoes childrens shoes is owned by two Podiatrists Kim Bastin and Greg Bastin.

We have been running since 2008,  after over 20 years of practising as Podiatrists we became more and more disillusioned with the types of childrens shoes that are available and how parents buy childrens shoes these days. We decided to open our own shop where we stock predominately quality shoes that are fitted correctly. Obtaining the correct childrens shoes for a growing foot is so important as these years are when the bony structure of the foot develops.


Correctly fitted

Childrens shoes

“We see so many children wearing plastic shoes which require the foot to over fire flexor tendons which can lead to problems such as hammer toe deformities as an adult”.

As Podiatrists we understand the importance of correct fit and we have personally trained all our staff in shoe fitting. Our primary objective is to ensure the shoe is fitted correctly. We are not interested in selling childrens shoes that do not fit, we unfortunately see this happen from other retailers more often.

It is interesting to note that some large department stores that retail childrens shoes do not even have any shoe measuring devices in the store this being the case how can they fit shoes correctly.


Childrens Shoes

From All Around The World

At Giggle Shoes childrens shoes we source childrens shoes from all over the world however, we generally pick out the best shoes from each manufacturers range.

If you are serious about childrens shoes and want the best for your childs feet come and visit us at Giggle Shoes childrens shoes you will not be disappointed.


Our Mission Statement is as follows: To provide the best quality children’s shoes, that are correctly fitted at the best possible price.

childrens shoes

Giggle Shoes Childrens Shoes


Childrens Shoes
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Childrens Shoes
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